Meter test system

Single-Phase Meter Test System for On-Site Tests on Electricity Meters

METES 12 is a single-phase measuring instrument for the on-site verification of electronic and Ferraris meters. It is available with measurement via external current clamps (METES 12.2) or with direct current measurement (METES 12.1).METES 12 is equipped with a simple user interface for entering test parameters and an LCD screen for displaying results and measurement values, such as current, angle and power quantities.

Technical data

Analog inputs 1 x voltage 85 to 250 VAC
1 x direct current 1 AAC, 10 AAC or 100 AAC*
1 x current clamps 1 AAC, 10 AAC or 100 AAC (SmartProbe technology)*
Scanning heads 1
Operation Membrane keypad with 4 programmable keys
Display Alpha-numeric LCD screen, 4 x 20 characters
Accuracy 0.2%

Subject to change without prior notice

* METES 12 either has a direct input for current measurement (METES 12.1) or an input for current clamps (METES 12.2)