InsuLogix® T

Fiber Optic Temperature Monitor

Weidmann’s InsuLogix® T offers reliable and proven on-line monitoring of transformer hot spot winding temperature. In addition cooling system monitoring and control can be integrated to create a highly cost-effective complete monitoring package. The monitor is also available for use with Weidmann Certified SmartSpacer®.




  • Measures temperature using fiber optic and GaAs sensor
  • Can be equipped with 16 measurement channels
  • 4 relays, 8 analog outputs, LCD, Modbus: RS485TCP/IP
  • Data recording possible via connection to computer
  • Weidmann provides expert technical support on fiber optic probe positioning and installation in windings
  • The monitoring system can be delivered with Weidmann Certified Smart Spacer™
  • Installation possible at OEM or transformer repair facility
  • Low initial investment in equipment
  • Low cost of ownership

Data Sheet