InsuLogix® RFM

Retrofittable Fault Monitor

The role of InsuLogix® RFM is to provide a visible external indication when arcing occurs inside the transformer tank causing an over-pressure condition. The device’s red indicator serves as confirmation that a fault has occurred within the transformer, and the unit should not be re-energized for safety reasons. The InsuLogix® RFM is sensitive enough to detect a pressure increase due to internal low energy arcing which can result from partial discharge, or high energy arcing resulting from short circuits between phases or between phase and ground. InsuLogix® RFM is easy to maintain and comes equipped with a patent-pending pressure relief valve for the release of internal tank pressure manually or automatically.




    • Mitigates field personnel risk – the danger of closing into a faulted transformer is reduced with a clearly visible flag indicating a transformer with an over-pressure condition
    • The device will never activate during transformer testing, transport, or installation
    • Cost Savings: Reduces outage time and identifies a faulted transformer reducing troubleshooting time
    • Retrofittable to all transformers with a pressure relief valve – no redesign or opening of the tank lid
    • Maintenance-free
    * When combined with the InsuLogix DTM the RFM can transmit fault information remotely.

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