InsuLogix® H/M

Hydrogen/Moisture Monitor

Weidmann’s InsuLogix® H incorporates patented micro-chip based technology using nickel/palladium alloy to measure hydrogen concentration in the transformer oil. An advanced proprietary coating that protects the sensor allows it to directly contact the oil without the need for membranes or filters and enables it to measure hydrogen in both oil and gas phases.  The InsuLogix® H is also available with an optional moisture sensor (H/M) which can also be easily added later in the field.

The InsuLogix® H and HM easily install in the transformer drain valve or other available fittings making retro-fit easy and a very cost-effective replacement option for old, obsolete or damaged gas monitors in need of repair or replacement.




  • To be installed on the valve exposed to oil or in the transformer headspace
  • Measures Hydrogen in concentrations up to 5000ppm
  • Comes with all accessories included
  • No need to de-energize the transformer during installation
  • Small footprint, can be installed in any position
  • Simple installation and setup can be installed in less than two hours
  • Designed to easily replace monitors that use older technologies
  • A low initial investment in equipment
  • Low cost of ownership, no consumables

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