InsuLogix® DTM

Distribution Transformer Monitor

InsuLogix® Distribution Transformer Monitor (DTM) is a cost-effective solution for detecting and reporting failures of large power, transmission, and distribution transformers. InsuLogix® DTM works as a network based system that monitors pressure, current, and temperature. Identifying and reporting these events can reduce service restoration times and cost, improve operational safety, and reduce the risk of collateral damage associated with tank rupture. Weidmann’s history as a leader in the power industry ensures that our products are designed and tested to meet industry needs.




  • Cost-effective integrated solution
  • Easy to deploy
  • Delivers actionable information
  • Monitors over-current and over-temperature conditions caused by aging, power theft, or overloaded transformers
  • Includes information on liquid temperature and load current
  • Calculates Hotspot and Loss of Life of the transformer core

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