InsuLogix® B

Bushing Monitor

The InsuLogix® B is a cost-effective,  software-oriented, continuous on-line monitoring system for monitoring power factor at operating voltage in high voltage capacitive bushings and/or HV current transformers. The device acquires, analyses, and trends data pertaining to AC Insulation Power Factor of Bushings and/or HV current transformers. The system consists of a minimum set of three sensors permanently connected to a series of capacitive bushing taps, or lightning arresters. Data can be downloaded on-site or remotely. The system can also interface to an existing EMS system via a LAN/WAN or dial-up connection to an IEC 61850 (UCA2.0TM ) network.




  • Cost-effective monitoring system – up to 30 bushings and/or CTs can be monitored in the same substation with one InsuLogix® B
  • PF/Tan δ calculation is based on the conventional Schering Bridge used in laboratories and offline test sets
  • More sensitive to incipient faults than current-sum based bushing monitors
  • No need to install additional software on a computer

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