The universal relay testing solution

ARTES 600 is the compact and universal solution for testing all types of protection relays. Because of the builtin control panel, the light weight and the low noise level, the robust test system can be used on site as well as in
laboratories. ARTES 600 makes light work of highly complex test tasks. 4 voltage outputs and 6 current outputs which can provide particularly high output power allow three-phase tests on static, digital and self-powered relays. Even three-phase tests on differential protection relays

ARTES testing software
As a rule, all test tasks can be carried out using the integrated control panel. For complex protection functions, the ARTES PC software is a tool which can significantly simplify, automate and therefore speed up tests. For this purpose, the ARTES testing software provides a wide range of practical test monitors which are all included in the scope of delivery, in addition to the basic software:
Test any protection function by setting the test quantities
manually. In addition, the output signals can also be run as
linear or staircase ramps within the configured range.
Check the operating times and directional sensitivity of
overcurrent relays
Check the operating times and impedance zones of distance
protection devices
Check the tripping characteristic and operating times of
differential protection relays
Check the QU protection function
Test paralleling devices and synchronizers
Check the pick-up and drop-off values of protection relays
Determine measuring transducer error
Event-controlled output of test sequences
Display and output COMTRADE records and generate any
signal characteristic

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