ACTAS P360 | P260

Portable switchgear test systems

Flexible and compact test systems for carrying out tests on medium-, high- and extra-high-voltage switchgear.

  1. Extremely robust and compact
  2. Full switchgear test in a single test procedure
  3. No need for time-consuming reconnection during tests
  4. Stand-alone operation
  5. Operation and evaluation via 7″ touch screen
  6. PIR and main contact measurement on up to 12 main contact chambers
  7. Recording and analysis of coil and motor current
  8. Status of up to 12 auxiliary contacts
  9. Coil current measurement on up to three closing and opening coils
  10. Up to 9 analog/digital sensors for pressure, travel and temperature measurement
  11. Up to 3 voltage measurement inputs
  12. Static/dynamic resistance determination on up to 6 main contact chambers with PROMET SE
  13. Determination of operating times with earthing on both sides on up to 6 main contact chambers with PROMET SE

Comprehensive on-site switchgear testing

Using the integrated control panel of ACTAS P260 | P360, it is possible to carry out complete tests on medium-, high- and extra-high-voltage switchgear.

Contact travel visualization

Unlike evaluation based on a simple binary signal, as is used in high-frequency measuring methods, ACTAS P260 | P360 test systems used in combination with the compact PROMET SE ohm meter enable a sound diagnosis of interrupter units throughout the whole switching operation.

Assessing the interrupter unit by analysing contact resistance

Regular measurements of the static and dynamic contact resistance allow an accurate assessment of the condition of the entire contact system.

Static and dynamic measurement

High transfer resistance can be identified by measuring static contact resistance. Dynamic contact resistance measurements can be used to determine the resistance characteristic during a freely definable switching operation.

Testing with earthing on both sides

Switchgear equipment is often tested with earthing on both sides in order to prevent danger caused by capacitively coupled voltages from neighbouring components. When tests are carried out in combination with PROMET SE, measurements can be carried out with earthing on both sides.

Integrated operating and evaluation unit

The resistive 7“ touch screen, a new operating concept and extra powerful hardware make for easy operation and optimum display of all information.

Remote control over Wi-Fi

Because ACTAS P260 I P360 can be controlled with a smart phone, or tablet etc., the test instrument can also be operated from some distance away.

ACTAS testing software

Configuration and analysis of tests are carried out with the ACTAS testing software and the control panel located on the test system itself.
It is easy for tests to be called up, edited or used as templates. A graph of all measured signal characteristics, featuring zoom functions and measurement cursors, offers a  wide variety options for detailed analysis.

Automatic generation of test reports

The software includes an option for automatically creating test reports to document test results.

Technical data

P360 P260
Control outputs for
closing coils
3 1
Control outputs for
opening coils
3 1
Main and PIR contacts 6 x 2 3 x 2
Coil current 3 x 2 (I / O) 1 x 2 (I / O)
Coil / motor /
station voltage
3 1
Motor current via shunt 1 1
(+  / – 10 V  /  digital)
6 3
(+  / – 10 V / 0…20 mA)
3 1
Auxiliary contacts 3 x 4 2 x 4
Interfaces RJ 45 / USB A  /  USB B
User interface 7″ graphical display with touch screen and 2 function keys
Housing Robust hard-top case
Protection class IP65 (closed)
Dimensions (mm) 475 x 375 x 180 424 x 340 x 173
Weight (kg) 6.9 5.3

*Subject to change without prior notice

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